We’ve built a Cryptocurrency that can be used everywhere.

With MYG you will be able to integrate a crypto as ingame-currency into your own games. Visit servers to farm MYG, trade items against MYG and send your MYG coins across different games and servers. No matter what platform the game is developed on. MYG stands for "My Game Coin" and reflects its purpose. A coin for YOU!

Free to integrate

Developers can implement MYG into games or streaming software

Easy payment

Exchange MYG into ingame-currencies

PoS to earn passive game-income

Stake MYG Coins in your private Wallet

Ready to get started?

3 Steps To Start

Grab free Coins from our Faucet, Airdops on our Discord or in supported Games and Streams!


Create Your Wallet

Download your Windows or Linux Wallet. Or: create a WebWallet.



Grab your free coins multiple times a day at the Faucet. Or in our Discord-Giveaways. Visit Streams that give away MYG to viewers (Twitch/ Youtube).


Spend, Buy & Sell Coins

Send MYG Coins to your favorit supporting Game-Servers, or buy and sell them on Exchanges. Give away your MYG to your Stream viewers via MixitUp or OBS/SLOBS Browser-Sources, to grow your popularity.


frequently asked questions

Here are a few often asked questions about MYG and the MYG Universe.

See ANN Thread at BitconTalk

Code: MYG

Based upon: Scrypt

PoW / PoS: now in PoS phase

Staking reward: 100 MYG p. Block

RPC Port: 43027

Block Time: 60 Seconds

Diff. retargeting: 10 Minutes

Maturity: 2 Blocks

Min. Stake age: 60 Minutes

P2P Port: 43028

Check out or special site with information on how to easily get MYG into your stream!

Check out or special site with information on how to easily integrate MYG into your own game!

Visit our Discord for Airdrops. Use the Faucet to earn free MYG every few minutes or hours.